The story of fraternal twin sisters and princesses Alexandra and Anastasia Vanderburg is an incredible one. They were born three minutes apart, and despite the fact that they are very different, they share a very close relationship. Upon graduating from Smuggsworth Preparatory School, the girls received extensive plastic surgery and hired their own agent and publicist, apart from those already employed by the Vanderburg royal family. In addition, they hired their own stylist to 'make sure they look good.'

Much to the chagrin of their mother, Queen Catarina, they signed a contract to appear on a reality TV show, 'Vanderburg Squared.' Soon after their arrival from boarding school the final time, their father, Prince Renauld, died unexpectedly. The family was devastated by his death and each individual dealt with it in his or her own way.

Then, Alexandra secretly enlists in the military and enrolls in the royal flight academy in hopes of becoming an astronaut. She also brazenly pursues a fellow cadet, a commoner with a storied pedigree. However, he spurns her advances and their relationship eases into a friendship. Her sister, Anastasia, decides to enroll in design school in hopes of becoming an architectural designer.

Queen Catarina is stunned. Twenty years after her older daughter, Francisca, ran away from the palace due to disagreements over marriage, she is confronted with two more defiant debutantes.

Exasperated by her daughters' behavior and choices, the Queen gives the princesses an ultimatum. They must wed within two sim-weeks or forfeit their inheritance. The Queen thinks she has the upper hand in this battle of wills -- but the girls have a trump card in this game of thrones...